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ENGINET "means ADSL / ADSL2 + technology to access high-speed Internet access from home.

At present ADSL + ADSL2 + technology is the most widely used and reliable way of connecting through the usual telephone line. This service is available at the following ATSs of our city, as well as in most cities and regions of Azerbaijan:

The provisions of Article 321/422/323/427/428/423/434/438/439/510/440/441/445/446/450/451/452/453/454/455/457 / The provisions of Article 458/371/372/371/492/497/493/498/544/594/595/550/551/561/562/564/565/566/567/568/569 /

Connection to the "ENGINEET" network is completed without pay!

Connecting to the Internet from home through ADSL technology, you will be able to:

High-speed, high quality Internet. The speed of the Internet channel through ADSL technology is -10 Mbit / s.

After connecting to the Internet, connect to the Internet at the earliest and fastest possible time.

Comfortable and affordable rates.

Additionally, free - Filtration service.

Free operation of the telephone line regardless of internet.


Speed (Kb / sec) 1024/1024 2048/1024 3072/1024 4096/1024 5120/1024 6144/1024 8192/1024
Subscription fee   10 AZN 12 AZN 15 AZN 18 AZN 25 AZN 30 AZN 35 AZN

 Biznes (Korporativ tarifi)

Speed (Kb / sec) 2048/1024 3072/1024 4096/1024 6144/1024 8192/1024 1024/1024  
Subscription fee   20 AZN 30AZN 35AZN 45 AZN 55AZN 65 AZN  
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